Monday, January 2, 2012

A Sonnet For January

Sonnet for January

Branches, vague and stark,
New trees staked against
The earth’s blizzard winds on
A winter’s frozen breast.

Streams, remote and aloof,
White strips of ice holding
Life beneath asleep in
A winter’s frozen breast.

Blasts of the arctic,
Life on hold, quiescent
Secret statuary on
A winter’s frozen breast.

Ordeals for the fearless
So full of life in spring,
Rendered silent by a pulse,
Frozen in a winter’s breast.

M.A. Hoffmann


  1. Mary Anne, that is a lovely sonnet. If you are the author, you should put your name to it. You could be famous, with words like that.
    Happy January, 2012, the magical year for....what?

  2. The words "winter's breast" are poetically perfect. Nice poem.


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