Thursday, May 31, 2012

Letter To The America I Loved

When did truth become optional?
The lie de rigueur.

When did education go out fashion?
Graduates who can't read..

When did the arts become passe?
wii, x-box, and huge TV's the most prized.

When did living vicariously through celebrity lives
become more interesting than living as
a unique individual?

When did talking on a cell phone become more
important than talking to a child?

When did 'social values' become fodder
for political gain?

When did blaming become preferable to solving problems?
Political parties declaring war.

When did our bankers and financial leaders give
in to power and greed?
Thus, destroying the world's economies.

When did using up the worlds resources to maintain
our standard of living become more important than
protecting and preserving our wondrous earth
for our grandchildren?

Mary Anne Hoffmann


  1. Great, thoughtful questions. Wish I had the answer.

  2. This should be a letter to the editor....of what, though? The Universe? Sometimes I wonder if we're experiencing the "foreshadowing" of the decline of Western Civilization. (Is that an oxymoron?) At our house, we think there are just plain too many people on the planet. But I don't want to be the one to go. Ah, that's the dilemma.
    You think so well, and write beautifully.


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