Monday, November 26, 2012

Exploring The San Diego Art Scene

Traveling to San Diego this month for fun, I had a wonderful opportunity to explore galleries and museums.  I was excited to check out the latest art around the area.  What I found, however, was the proverbial mixed bag.  My first outing was to visit the La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum.  Being interested mostly in viewing 2D paintings, my review of the collection was 'just OK'.  Two Georgia O'keefe paintings and one Maynard Dixon sparkled amidst 'contemporary?' Ashcan painter, George Bellows (1900), Bierstadt, Moran, Inness, etc. early American works which were so dark I was seriously prompted to look around for a restorer.  That plus my understanding of the term 'contemporary', left me in a quandary. Visiting galleries in downtown San Diego with a dear friend, we looked at current art in 5 galleries.  So disappointing.  Both of us were hoping to find at least interesting art but that didn't happen.  Others may debate the place of graphic design, cartooning, or psychedelic illustration in fine art, but I think I have a clear grasp of the difference.  The afternoon was saved by the Fish Market on the wharf, where we were sated with clam chowder, great bread, sauteed baby artichokes and calamari.  Delicious!
Balboa Park was a fabulous photo op with great ideas for genre paintings and mixed media.  Ocean Beach was filled with many satisfying hours of sketching.  I love the Jungle Java Coffee Bar!!  Thanks, Brian and Brenda, for a vacation beyond my most imaginative dreams!!  
Returning to SLC, I was treated to a 24 hr. period of great art experiences (traveling Leonardo da Vinci exhibit...phenomenal!! and a really inspired book exhibit at UMFA).  THEN, an out of this world symphony at Abravanel Hall featuring Hillary Hahn.  She is an amazing performer in every way.  Don't miss hearing her if you have the opportunity!  Thanks Kathy and Marie for LOTS of fun!!
Home now and giving my easel a real workout! :-)

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  1. Interesting reaction of San Diego Art.

    Glad you enjoyed your time in SLC.


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